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Planning + Vision

With a combination of tax and operational planning, HG + CO makes your financial future clear and helps you take advantage of every opportunity:

Company and Individual Tax Planning

At HG + CO, tax planning doesn’t just mean keeping up on tax laws. It means making complete and long-term plans to minimize the amount of taxes you pay. We know you don’t have time to address every tax issue your business or investment strategies may run into, so let us predict your taxable future – and plan for a more profitable result.

Financial and Operational Company Planning

Planning doesn’t stop with taxes. HG + CO creates budgets, forecasts and what if scenarios to help you develop a solid operational plan – one that identifies tangible goals and keeps your employees focused on achieving them. Once we have the right plan in place, we’ll help you keep it current, setting you up for financial success for years to come.

We want you to expect more, get more and accomplish more. Let's talk about how.

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