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Income Tax + Teamwork

HG + CO prepares federal, state, and local income tax returns for individual people and businesses, including C-corporations, S-corporations and partnerships. But, it’s not our number crunching that sets us apart. It’s our proactive communication with your bankers, investment advisors and other financial professionals. That’s what keeps us – and more importantly, you – informed, aligned and unsurprised at tax time.

Our tax return service doesn’t extend only to our business clients, it’s for everyone. No matter what your personal financial picture looks like, it pays to have your taxes done by a professional. And no, we’re not talking about a seasonal tax worker that knows how to fill out the forms. We’re talking about someone who will take the time to understand your situation and make sure you’re able to keep as much of your income as possible.

Trust HG + CO to do your taxes, and your fixed (not hourly) price agreement will cover preparation of your business, personal and dependent children’s income tax returns, meetings to talk about your tax situation and the option to talk with us at anytime. Not included? The worry of hourly billing or unexpected invoices.

We want you to expect more, get more and accomplish more. Let's talk about how.

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