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Denise C Guzmán

Managing Partner

Denise is a Kansas City native, growing up on a farm in Montrose, MO where her family continues to operate a family farm.  The work ethic she learned as a child carries over to her profession today.  She is passionate about helping others and treats everyone with a unique story to tell.  With over ten years of public accounting experience and another ten years of experience in the accounting department of a large local insurance company, she has witnessed many changes in corporate and tax regulations as well as great strides in technology.

Denise is married to Adam and they have three children; Alysa, Erica, and Eli.  When not working you will find her spending time with her family at one of the many activities they are involved in.  She is an avid soccer fan (go Sporting KC, and Benedictine Womens Soccer #9), cross country and track spectator (go Park Hill South Panthers), and lightweight runner herself.  Her favorite local musicians, The Rainmakers, play frequently in the Kansas City area and you will usually find her at their concerts with her best girlfriend.

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