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What can a mentor do for me? How do I find a good one?

Whether you are just starting out or running a large company, it helps to have a mentor to whom you can turn with questions large and small.

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What does a professional team look like? Do you have yours in place?

You might ask, “What is a Business Team?” A Business Team is the core group of professionals to whom every business must have access. It includes…

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Despite Threat of Fraud, Most SMB Owners Fail on Security

Small business owners wear many hats – making it hard to get everything done. Even though fraud is big business for those who prey on small companies, taking steps to minimize the possibility is low on the to do list and many have no prevention tools available. Segregation of duties is a major deterrent, but it’s difficult with little or no staff. Rely on your professional partners to become part of your team. You work too hard to be taken advantage of!

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